Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Creative Space

This week it's all about Christmas...

I rearranged my living room furniture earlier this year and no longer had anywhere cat-proof to put a Christmas tree so I decided to make a something that I could hang from the door. As most of my decorations are pin-dolls I could then just pin them to the hanging.  In keeping with my use it up before buying anything new policy, I went through my fabric box and came up with some calico and some hand-dyed silk organza in a perfect pine tree green and this is what resulted.

Which together with my Xmas pin-doll collection...

Ended up like this...

I have to say I'm pretty pleased with it and it won't take up much space to store - the "tree" will hang in the wardrobe and the decorations fit into shoebox.

What's been happening in your Creative Space this week?  Visit other crafty types at Our Creative Spaces for more goodness.

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  1. I like it! Even if you end up putting up a 'real' tree sometime I think you should start a new tradition and put it up every year!