Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jake Shimabukuro - Ukelele Master

Don't you just love it when you find someone who's passionate about what they do - whatever it is.  I recently came across this YouTube clip of Jake Shimabukuro who plays the ukelele - not how you've seen it played before.  Check him out playing George Harrison's "While My Guitar (or ukelele in this case) Gently Weeps"

Friday, September 10, 2010

JUST LISTED... (and My Creative Space)

Finally found the time to list my new brooches on etsy as I'm sitting around waiting for my new TV to be delivered - should be here sometime between 8am and 1pm today - very handy when you really should be at work (and as a contractor, I'm paid by the hour - grrrrr!).  On the plus side, I've been getting heaps done so am feeling very satisfied with myself.

Check out these little darlings here

My Creative Space is looking particularly bare at the moment.  I cleared my worktable on the weekend (finally) and was going to cut out some patterns but got sidetracked and ended up knitting as I'm trying to finish my green Tamzin cardy - just about done - finished the first sleeve but have run into a wee problem - I'm 1 ball short so am hoping Morris & Sons still have some left in the same dyelot otherwise it's short sleeves for this little green cardy.

And... I put my world-class procrastination behind me and made up the bag that I bought the handle for at the Quilt and Craft Fair that was on in July (I think).  It turned out quite well except that I'm not going to show the lining as it's a bit wobbly inside.  If/when I make another one I'll sew it up slightly differently to give a cleaner finish to the lining but I think it looks pretty cute - will go well with my one-sleeved green cardy!!

And look, I've got furry bookends...

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Creative Space

Hi and welcome to my blog - this is my first contribution to Kirsty's My Creative Space Thursday - although I have been reading along and visiting everyone's spaces for the last few weeks - love to see what others are creating and where they create.

Since I sold a brooch on etsy last week, I've been re-inspired to make some more (they'll be going up on etsy and made it soon).


I also bought some patterns last week to go with my yummy fabric from Tesutti and hope to get cutting out this weekend ready to sew up as soon as I can buy myself an overlocker - it's my birthday later this month so may that's what I'll get myself as a pressy.

I also had a bit of a splurge last Saturday at Patchwork House's Market Day (and I won second prize in their raffle - thanks Kylie - I'll be picking up my threads this weekend).

I think i'm going to be busy for the next few weeks but will try to give an update next Thursday - have a great week!!