Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Creative Space

After weeks of procrastinating I finally found some creativity (clearing out cupboards has certainly helped - check out my blogs from earlier this week for the great arty/crafty goodies I'm selling) and finished a couple of bags that I'd started ages ago.  These bags are made from printed canvases that started life as a triptych artwork. The images on the canvases were a photo I took of feathers on the next door neighbours lawn which I then PhotoShopped and had professionally printed onto canvas.  I then printed out hibiscus onto silk using an ink jet printer, stuck them to the canvas and then stitched the **** out of the 3 canvases.  I then beaded the stamens of the flowers and they ended up looking like this

And from that to this

via this

Be sure to visit Kirsty at Kootoyoo for more creativity

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Even more destashing

Right, this should be the lot (I hope) - I still can't believe how much stuff I have.  Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who doesn't buy just one or 2 of something - I've got to buy at least half a dozen - preferably more for a craft that my not even be something I'm that intereted in - and don't get me started about the buying frenzy at craft fairs -aaaaagh!!

OK, again, all prices include FREE POSTAGE within Australia.  Overseas buyers, please contact me for postage rates.

1. Cross cut shells - 3 varieties - assorted sizes $16.00

2. Seed Beads - assorted sizes and colours $15.00

3. Jewellery findings including storage box - includes earring hooks, studs and other bits & pieces, clasps, bead caps and other assorted goodies $25.00

Interested in any of the goodies listed?  Either leave a comment or contact me on fiona_cameron at optusnet dot com dot au

Monday, January 24, 2011

More destashing

Clearing out the bookshelves I've come across some gems which I think deserve new homes where they'll be read and loved as much as I've read and loved them over the years.

Again, all prices include FREE POSTAGE Australia-wide unless otherwise stated.

1. THIS TIME I DANCE Creating the work you love, Tama J. Kieves $16.00
"This is unlike any self-help book out there. I have never felt so inspired and strengthened." R.M
In THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love (©2003 Tarcher/Penguin), you’ll find the inspiring story of how one Harvard lawyer left her corporate life to discover her buried creative self and develop the livelihood that stirred her soul and paid the bills. If you've ever wanted your own personal mentor, champion of your wildest dreams-your support system has arrived in alternative career coach--Tama Kieves.

Rather than just remind us why we need to follow our bliss, Tama goes the full distance to support us while we do it, coaching us every step of the way. With warmth, realness, and humor, she explores the fears and doubts that often assault us in a career change. And through her personal and practical stories of overcoming insecurities, she'll guide you to discover and trust the unparalleled power of your own true work in this world.

2. LIVING JUICY Daily Morsels for your Creative Soul, SARK $15.00

Living juicy is: jumping for joy on the inside. Sark gives us the juice to nourish our creative souls with this map and miniature guidebook. Weekly topics include "procrastinating," "energizing," "adventuring," and "shouting." Each affirmation a day is designed to stop those dry and cracked feelings and give us those sweet, wild moments we crave.

3. PROSPERITY PIE How to Relax about Money and everything else, SARK $15.00

Prosperity Pie means: plenty of everything with enough to share! We can be and feel prosperous no matter how much we have or don't have, or what outside circumstances may be.

You are enough
You have enough
You do enough
It's true


We all need more naps! This book is a Portable Nap to take along anywhere you need it! This book may cause you to feel more sexy, funny, creative, intriguing, flexible, and deluxe.

"How lovely it is to rest and then do nothing afterwards"
--A Spanish proverb

Interested?  Leave a Comment with your contact details or email at fiona_cameron at optusnet dot com dot au

Destashing - out with the old - in with some space

It's the New Year (OK I know I'm a bit late) so it's time to clear some space with another destash.

All items are new and include FREE POSTAGE Australia-wide unless otherwise stated.

1. FREEFORM STYLE Blend Knit & Crochet to Create Fiber Art Wearables, Jonelle Raffino & Prudence Mapstone $29.50

Learn to combine freeform knitting and crochet into gorgeous wearable art with patterns and instruction for every level of freeform artist. Find inspiration in master freeform artist, Prudence Mapstone, through her gallery of stunning freeform creations. Organized for easy access, each pattern is labeled either beginner, intermediate or advanced and depending on the level, additional freeform stitches are incorporated into the patterns to create a garment full of style.

2. 25 BAGS TO KNIT Beautiful bags in stylish colours, Emma King $15.00

They range from big stripey hand-held bags to small clutch bags to super-functional baby bags to chic evening purses. The designs use a wide range of techniques including intarsia embroidery crochet Fair Isle and entrelac.

Each bag is illustrated with a stunning full-colour photograph plus a close-up detail of the pattern and comes with full knitting instructions and accurate charts. There are details of alternative colourways and added embellishment options. A workshop section focuses on the best yarns to use how to add linings and inspirational ideas for eye-catching handles and fasteners to add those all important finishing touches to your work.

3. BENDIGO WOOL MILLS Pure New Wool, 4 ply, 3 x 200g Balls - 2 Dark Pink, 1 Light Pink $25.00
Two of the balls have been partially knitted and then unravelled, the other ball is untouched SOLD

4. Assorted Turps & Oil Mediums $45.00
Diggers Low Odour Turps (half full)
Diggers Mineral Turpentine (almost full)
Art Spectrum Refined Linseed Oil (half full)
Art Spectrum Artists Oil Painting No. 2 Medium (almost full)
Art Spectrum Artists Oil Painting No. 3 Medium (almost full)
Art Spectrum Liquol (No. 4 Medium) (3/4 full)
LOCAL PICK UP ONLY Hawthorn 3122

5. EXPLORING COLOR How to use and control color in your painting, Nita Leland $19.00
Exploring Color, Revised Edition: How to Use and Control Color in Your Painting by Nita Leland is the updated version of the highly successful Exploring Color. Packed with information, illustrations, exercises and new art by 65 artists, plus five new step-by-step demonstrations, Exploring Color Revised will help you master the intricacies of color. For all media and skill levels this book, used by many artists and art teachers, will be your constant companion for color ideas and easy reference. Dynamic personal color choices will make your work stand out.

6. MAKE YOUR CREATIVE DREAMS REAL A plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy people and people who would really rather sleep all day, SARK $19.50

This big, beautiful baby of a book—all 300 pages of it—is packed with creative dream–making help for your particular dream journey. Making Your Creative Dreams REAL redefines creative dreams and shows that each of us is already very creative.

The book presents a unique program—which you can adjust to suit your own style and pace—for keeping creative dreams moving and active in the midst of daily life. There are gifts, games, positive challenges, innovative exercises, and lots of color art and drawings. Even the physical properties of this book are special. Making Your Creative Dreams REAL has a different look than all the other SARK books, printed in a creative mix of unique typeset and SARK’s distinctive handwriting.

8. CANVAS REMIX Techniques for Creating Mixed-Media Accessories, Alisa Burke $22.00

Push your painterly boundaries and channel your imagination onto canvas with the help of these street-inspired projects.

Even if you've never picked up a paintbrush before, these graffiti-inspired, rough-and-ready ideas for turning a blank canvas into a work of art are a cinch. Proving that art is what you want it to be, it encourages you to think outside the square boundaries of a canvas and branch out into wearable art like earrings and cuffs, and homewares like bags and frames. The possibilities are endless!

Printing, scrunching, glazing and crackling will become second nature as you churn through these 24 projects that you can keep and treasure forever.

9. Heavy Duty Solid Pine Canvas Stretch Bars (plus screws) Local Pick Up Hawthorn 3122 $160 the lot

Some have been used previously so have staple marks & screw holes
Others are brand new
The timbers measure 5cm deep x 3.5cm at the widest tapering to 2.5cm
If you don't want them all, let me know and I'll work out a price for the ones you want.

I was a TAFE Visual Arts student a few years ago and have been culling my student works and disassembling the huge number of stretcher bars that I've found myself with and as I haven't got the room to store them, I'm getting rid of the ones I have too many of.
1 x 35cm       $3.50/pair
1 x 37cm       $3.70/pair
2 x 40cm        $4.00/pair
2 x 47cm        $4.70/pair
3 x 50cm        $5.00/pair
3 x 60cm        $6.00/pair
2 x 70cm        $7.00/pair
6 x 80cm        $8.00/pair
2 x 90cm        $9.00/pair
1 x 100cm     $10.00/pair

If you're interested in purchasing the lot, please let me know and I can work out a price for you.

Payment by direct deposit or Paypal - will email details upon confirmation of sale.

If you are interested in any of the items listed here (and there may be more to come), please Post a Comment with your contact details or email me fiona_cameron at optusnet dot com dot au