Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Creative Space

After weeks of procrastinating I finally found some creativity (clearing out cupboards has certainly helped - check out my blogs from earlier this week for the great arty/crafty goodies I'm selling) and finished a couple of bags that I'd started ages ago.  These bags are made from printed canvases that started life as a triptych artwork. The images on the canvases were a photo I took of feathers on the next door neighbours lawn which I then PhotoShopped and had professionally printed onto canvas.  I then printed out hibiscus onto silk using an ink jet printer, stuck them to the canvas and then stitched the **** out of the 3 canvases.  I then beaded the stamens of the flowers and they ended up looking like this

And from that to this

via this

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  1. Wow thats Amazing!!! who would've thought to have made their own fabric! My brain certainly can't compute that lol, its soo lovely, such cute bags too :)

  2. they look amazing the whole process sounds super interessting.

  3. Oh wow, they look so artistic! Kudos to you for creating such one of a kind bag!