Monday, January 24, 2011

More destashing

Clearing out the bookshelves I've come across some gems which I think deserve new homes where they'll be read and loved as much as I've read and loved them over the years.

Again, all prices include FREE POSTAGE Australia-wide unless otherwise stated.

1. THIS TIME I DANCE Creating the work you love, Tama J. Kieves $16.00
"This is unlike any self-help book out there. I have never felt so inspired and strengthened." R.M
In THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love (©2003 Tarcher/Penguin), you’ll find the inspiring story of how one Harvard lawyer left her corporate life to discover her buried creative self and develop the livelihood that stirred her soul and paid the bills. If you've ever wanted your own personal mentor, champion of your wildest dreams-your support system has arrived in alternative career coach--Tama Kieves.

Rather than just remind us why we need to follow our bliss, Tama goes the full distance to support us while we do it, coaching us every step of the way. With warmth, realness, and humor, she explores the fears and doubts that often assault us in a career change. And through her personal and practical stories of overcoming insecurities, she'll guide you to discover and trust the unparalleled power of your own true work in this world.

2. LIVING JUICY Daily Morsels for your Creative Soul, SARK $15.00

Living juicy is: jumping for joy on the inside. Sark gives us the juice to nourish our creative souls with this map and miniature guidebook. Weekly topics include "procrastinating," "energizing," "adventuring," and "shouting." Each affirmation a day is designed to stop those dry and cracked feelings and give us those sweet, wild moments we crave.

3. PROSPERITY PIE How to Relax about Money and everything else, SARK $15.00

Prosperity Pie means: plenty of everything with enough to share! We can be and feel prosperous no matter how much we have or don't have, or what outside circumstances may be.

You are enough
You have enough
You do enough
It's true


We all need more naps! This book is a Portable Nap to take along anywhere you need it! This book may cause you to feel more sexy, funny, creative, intriguing, flexible, and deluxe.

"How lovely it is to rest and then do nothing afterwards"
--A Spanish proverb

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