Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kiss Kiss

This cute and colourful little pillow is another in my series of digitaly manipulated images that I've printed onto canvas.

The image on this pillow is a crop of a digitally manipulated photo of white feathers on a very green lawn.  Unfortunately, some poor birdy had met its end on my neighbour's front lawn and the contrast of the white feathers on the green grass was more than I could resist so I took a load of photos - macabre of me, I know.

Looking at this one I noticed what looks like red lips & white teeth which gave me its title, Kiss Kiss.

This time, I've added a double frill of red and pink silks for extra texture.

The pillow has a cute back of white polka dots on pink and is stuffed with polyester toy fill.

Please check out my etsy store for more of these great little accent pillows.

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