Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Creative Space

This week it's all about Weaving...

I've been working with this idea for a whole but have a few bits of woven canvas left and am playing around with what to do with them - more accent pillows or something else...

These woven pieces and pillows started out as artworks that I completed while studying towards a Diploma of Visual Art.  Originally, I hand printed unprimed artist's canvas with different shapes.  Once dry, I tore the canvas into strips then wove them back together adding in hand-dyed silk organza and velvet ribbons.  I then randomly machine stitched the woven piece onto a calico back.

I decided that they'd make great decorator pillows/cushions so that's what they've mostly become. 

These pillows and other fabulous fibre fantasies are available in my etsy store with more to come.
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  1. I love scraps..alwayss great for that "one day project" I have a bucket full i will never throw out.
    Looking good

  2. This is such a creative wonderful idea!